Any person who is rooted to Uttarakhand, whether he is inside or outside Uttarakhand or in any part of this world, it can easily be said that the heart of any Uttarakhandi is in his roots, no matter where he is located.  As we all know that in today’s technical era, a country, society or people can only progress when they are empowered via telecommunication medium.  Internet is one of the strongest medium which connects a person to his country and all over the world by which he comes to know about the latest experiments or inventions in financial or social fields and can progress by increasing his capabilities.  Keeping all these things in mind, to promote and expand the culture and knowledge of Uttarakhand, a unique and extensive portal is being launched named WWW.UKUTTARAKHAND.COM .
Ukuttarakhand.com is a mutual effort to circulate the knowledge about our own Uttarakhand.  In this portal, we have tried to put the best possible information regarding our state whether it is about the culture, temples, tourism, education, dishes, folk dance and music, pin codes, business or any other info.
Hope you will find the maximum information in our portal. We assure you that we will be adding more and more information.  Further, we will be more than happy to hear from you all about the website or any other suggestion, to improve our portal. You can contact us through our Contact Us section either by sending an e-mail or just by filling up the form given.
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