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Almora, Uttarakhand, India

A HEAVEN to nature lovers, Almora, the charming district is located on the eastern side of our Uttarakhand.  Almora is a Hill Station that is one of the most stunning Himalayan beauties of Uttarakhand.
Almora’s cool breeze that pats your cheeks and chill waves give a feeling of winter even in the summer days.  The slopes of hilly area, covered with the green grass carpet invites the visitors from every part of plains who want to escape from the heat. The views of Himalayas are so thrilling.  Being under the reign of the Katyuri and the Chand Kings in the medieval times, the district is known for its vast cultural heritage and different types of handicrafts and distinctive cuisine. If you want to experience the real culture and nature, Almora is a must visit tourist places.  Some of the famous tourist spots and temples are as follows :–
Places to visit
Temples of Almora