BAdrinath_during_winter_season_.._darshan_closedBadrinath Temple, Uttarakkhand, India

As an important part of Char Dham and Chhota Char Dhaam pilgrimages, Badrinath Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Various Hindu texts have mentioned about this temple and is one of most important temples in India.
As per the ancient theories, Lord Shankar discovered a stone image of Lord Badri Narayan in black colour which was made by the saligram stone within the Alaknanda River.  The height of the temple is approx. 15 m with a small dome on the top which is sheltered with a golden roof.  There is a wide staircase which ends up to an arched shaped gateway with the brightly painted front of the temple.  Inside the temple, there is a mandap and a huge hall with the multiple pillars which leads to the main shrine area, Garbha Griha. Mandap and the pillars are shrouded with sophisticated carvings.