Hot Spring, Uttarakhand,  India

Near the Badrinath temple complex, Hot Springs are located which are pondered for their religious and medicinal value. The three main hot springs are Tapt Kund, Suraj Kund and Narad Kund. The temperature of hot sulphurous water rises as the day progresses and a bath in the waters is said to remedy the numerous skin ailments. One must sure not to be in the water more than 5 minutes at a stretch as due to the sulfur content in the water, one can feel a bit wobbly.
It is believed that Tapt Kund was the abode Lord Agni (Fire), due to which the temperature of the pond remains around 45 degree Celsius all around the year.  It is famously known that to take dip into the hot spring is spiritually rejuvenating and pardons our sins.