Pandusthal, Bageshwar

Pandusthal is situated in the District Bageshwar of Uttarakhand, India.  Pandusthal is famously known for its historic background. It is believed that Pandustahal is the place where the war between the Kauravas and Pandavas took place.  It is at after a long trek of approx. 20 kms, where we can find the most beautiful views of Himalayan peaks.  Pandusthal’s view is so grand that we can even see the dangling glaciers near the peaks. To reach at Pandusthal, one has to reach at Baisani by road from 25 km away Bageshwar. From Baisani, an approx. 20 km trek starts.  One can reach there and stay overnight there, and next day can enjoy the serenity of the area and come back.