har ki paudiHar Ki Pauri, Uttarakhand

Har ki Pauri means the “Footsteps / Staircase of Lord”.  This is one of the most sacred places in Haridwar.  The belief is that there is the footprint of Lord Vishnu himself which is at the precise location where the mark where the river Ganges enters plains from the hills.  The place is famous ghat which is on the bank of river Ganga.  It is the main landmark of Haridwar. It’s name include Lord (Har / or Hari) and his footsteps / staircase (Pauri), thus the name completes as Har Ki Pauri (Steps of Lord).  It is believed that lord Siva and Lord Vishnu visited here. Thousands of devotees converge in the area and the Kumbh Fair also organized here after every 12 years and an Ardh Kumbh mela also takes place after every 6 years.