kausani tea estateKausani Tea Estate, Uttarakhand, India

One can feel the gorgeousness of Kausani when a tourist visits the Kausani Tea Estates. The estate is stretched near an area of 208 hectares and is one of the finest tea estates in the country.
The tea estate is situated at a distance of approx. five kilometer from the main Kausani town.  The place is located at a height of between 1200 to 1800 metres above the sea level and the garden is being developed in the entire state as a tea-base.  Tourists can take a walk through all the tea manufacturing process with the help of an experienced guide.  The tea of this estate is high in flavour and has strong aroma. The estates export their products to many countries like Australia, America, Germany and Korea. The estates also offer a 3.5 kilometer scenic walk.