vasuki-talVasuki Tal, Uttarakhand, India

Vasuki Tal, a glacial lake situated in the mountains and also an ascetically easy trek trail. This sparkling lake is one of the most amazing destinations one will ever visit. The trek starts at Gauri Kund where the hot sulphur springs end at the amazing glacial lake. A tourist can find the place as an amazing spot for camping with the most picturesque views of the surrounding mountains.  The enchanting tal is situated at 8 kms away from the shrine Kedarnath Temple of Rudrarayag district of our Uttarakhand, India.  The best time to trek the Vasuki Tal is during summer season as due to the weather conditions which has high altitude, extreme cold, snowfall and low temperature etc., one cannot trek to the place.  It is advisable not to trek the peak during the monsoon season as the route becomes more difficult due to heavy rainfall.