gurney houseGurney House, Uttarakhand 

Gurney House, a cottage, located near the Nainital Lake in Nainital is famous for being the residence of the British conservationist Jim Corbett and was built in 1881.  The materials used in this building were used components of an older house which was present at this site.
The house was sold to Mr. Sharda Prasad Verma by Miss Margaret Winifred Corbett, the sister of Jim Corbett, when they left for Kenya in 1947.  Currently the house is owned by the granddaughter of Mr. Sharda Prasad Verma, Ms. Nilanjana Dalmia. The house is an English style cottage and French style windows.  Verma family is living in the house since 1947 and they are Corbett lovers and willing to maintain its historical legacy and character.