munsyariMunsiyari, Uttarakhand, India

Munsiyari, a small town in the Pithoragarh district, which means “place with snow” lies at the base of Himalayan range and is located on the banks of Goriganga River.  A tourist’s hub with high altitude pulls the attention of enthusiasts, trekkers and nature lovers.  The town is surrounded by snow-covered peaks. The place is located at an elevation of 2,250 above the sea level at a distance of 125 kilometres away from Pithoragarh.
While going to Musiyari, one can be witnessed of beautiful views and falls along with the trees of Cheerh and Deodar.  The place is a perfect venue for the visitors who want to have a different experience. During the spring season, one can have a look of birds like whistling bhrush, cuckoo, serpent eagle and wild animals like musk deer, mountain bear, leopard etc.  During the winter season, one can see some awesome views of mountain scenery and snowy Himalayas.