thal kedarThe Thal Kedar, Uttarakhand, India

The Thal Kedar, a pilgrim tourism spot that can be reached through a small pathway is snuggled at a height of 880 metres above the sea level.  The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and a famous ancient temple which is described in the primeval text of the Skand Puran. A pilgrim tourist can be a witness of some of the really amazing scenes of the valley.
It is believed that if one prays here with all the beliefs and dedication, his all sins and doings will be forgiven by the almighty Lord Siva.  Tourists, who want to reach Thal Kedar Temple, have to trek from Nakuleshwar temple through a slim pathway.  The importance of this temple is very colossal among the locals and devotees who visit here regularly that the Shivaling is nearly 1000 million years old.   The valley attracts many visitors during the festival of Maha Shiv Ratri.
How to reach there
The holy place is situated at about 16 kilometers away from the main Pithoragarh city.  Visitor can take any motor up to 8 kilometres and the rest, to be covered by a trek.