lakshman jhulaLaxman Jhula, Uttarakhand, India

Laxman Jhula is a deferral bridge in Rishikesh which was built in 1939 with a length of 450 feet and at a height of around 70 feet from the river.
The mythological story behind making this bridge as a pilgrim attraction is that this bridge is built in the same place where Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Ram, once crossed the river Ganges on a jute rope. Later, a bridge of jute and was named as Lakshman Jhula.  Lakshman Jhula gives a mesmerizing view of the surroundings.  At the end of the bridge, there is a temple with thirteen story namely Trayambkeshwar temple.
This is just 04 kilometers away from Rishikesh Railway Station and 35 kilometre away from Haridwar.  Jollygrant Airport is just 28 kilometres away.