valley of flowers

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand, India

A vibrant, splendid and unmatched national park, Valley of Flowers is situated in West of Himalayas i.e. in our own UTTARAKHAND.  Mother Nature had bestowed this place with diverse range of endemic and picturesque flora in the charming paddocks of alpine flowers. The luxurious region is also abode to a few exceptional and imperilled animal species.  We may also be able to find animals like snow leopard, brown bear, blue sheep, Asiatic black deer and musk deer.  The place is full of floral pastures, beautiful surroundings of the mountains and running watercourse. The area has expanded with an immense region of approx. 87.5 km2 and myriad alpine flora makes this place a vibrant bliss.
It is said that this beautiful place was not known to the world till the year 1931.  When three British people who were mountaineers came here and lost their way and during finding their way, they exposed this enthralling valley.  After seeing the unmatched beauty of the place, they named it “VALLEY OF FLOWERS”. According to the mythological beliefs, this is the place from where Sh. Hanuman Ji had taken the Sanjeevani Booti hill to get life back of Lakshmanji. Also, in the year 1939, a botanist, Joa Margaret Legge reached here wto study about the flowers, but she had an accident by slipping from a rock and lost her life.  Later, her sister came here and constructed a cenotaph near the spot.
Opening and Closing dates and timings of Valley of Flowers
Every year, Valley of flowers opens on First of June and closes on October 4th. The valley opens for its tourists everyday at 7:00 am and the entries is allowed till 2:00 pm only.  Tourists have to get out of the valley by 5:00PM.  It is advised that the visitor should reach at the entry gate by 6:45am to buy entry tickets and enter to the valley by 7:00am and the returning process should be started by 1:30 pm to reach back by 5:00pm
 Location and how to reach
Valley of Flowers is located 300 away from Rishikesh, near Badrinath. To reach there, one needs to travel by a motor-able road till Govindghat.  Govindghat is 20 Kms before Badrinath, and from there and after that one has to go by trek to Valley of Flowers.