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Temples in Uttarakhand

UTTARAKHAND, the land of temples, famously known as “DEVBHOOMI” is located at the foothills of the mountain ranges of Himalaya.  The land is blessed to have some famous shrines of Gods and Godesses. It is very well said, that one cannot walk even a kilometre without getting a temple in Uttarakhand and cannot even take a turn without finding a temple or hearing a soothing rings of bells of temples. Char-Dhams of Uttarakhand, the four sacred temples of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Ganotri and Yamunotri are positioned in the mountains of Himalayas.
Uttarakhand is the only place where one gets confused whether they see its scenic beauty or take a spiritual tour as the state is very rich in having both the areas. The temples here are similarly famous and sacred by the devotees.   It is the state having the shrines which are more than a thousand years old and devotees are being visited the region in search of salvation and get pardoned from their sins they have committed knowingly or unknowingly. In the state, some temples are contemporary but most of them are from the ancient age as old as of 8th century BC.  Most of the temples have been reconstructed and renovated from time to time due to the damages caused by the natural tragedies.  Some of the temples are situated in the high altitudes which are covered by snow during the winters and others are worshipped in plain areas.
Truly, Uttarakhand is very much “The DEVBHOOMI” (the God’s Land).