bagathBagnath Temple in Uttarakhand
It is an ancient shrine which is dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated in the Bageshwar city (Talla Katyur) of Bageshwar district, Kumaun region, Uttarakhand, India at a height of approx. 975 m. above sea level.
History of the temple
As per the beliefs, Maharishi Vashishtha brought River Saryu to the earth. While the river was following the Mahrarishi in the full flow, it suddenly stopped.   When Maharishi Vashishta checked about the stoppage of the river, he found that on the way, Maharishi Markandeya was doing meditation (tapasya) on a large rock, resulting the halting of the river.  Guru Vashishtha requested Lord Shiva to resolve the situation.  After that, Goddess Parvati converted herself into a cow and Lord Shiva converted himself as a lion and the lion (Lord Shiva) acted of attacking cow (Godess Parvati).  When meditating Rishi Markandeya saw this, he immediately got up from his meditation to save the cow, resulting the river Saryu flowed forward touching the rock on which Rishi was meditating.  Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati converted themselves to their original form and told the story to the Rishi and eloped from the place.  After they eloped, Rishi Markandeya made this temple and established Lord Shiva’s statue as “Bagranath”.  Later, the original temple was destroyed but many kings rebuilt the temple and some of kings donated their lands to take care of the temple.
Current scenario of the temple
The temple is at the sangam (confluence) of Gomati and Sarayu rivers.  On the occasion of Maha Shivratri, it is flooded with devotees. The temple is built by the earlier King of Kumaun, Sh. Lakshmi Chand about 1450 AD.  This place has a group of multiple temples, like Bhairav Temple, Kalika Temple, Pancham Junakhara, Dattatrey Maharaj, Hanuman Temple, Thingal Bhairav Temple, Ganga Mai Temple, Durga Temple and Vaneshwar Temple etc.