kukuda devi

Kukuda Devi Temple, Bageshwar

Kukuda Devi Temple is situated on to a hilltop just 8 kilometres away from Bageshwar  town.  There is a natural made rock situated which is worshiped as the form of Devi Bhagwati from the very ancient time.  This idol is approx. 4 feet long and 11 feet tall. One part of the idol looks like Kukkut (chicken) because of which it is named as Kukuda Devi Temple.  In the year of 1947, this temple was established with the financial help of devotees.   A large fair is organized here on the occasion of Navratri Ashtami which is attended by many devotees.  There are many small caves where sadhus do meditation, due to which the environment of this place has become sacred.
How to reach
By air : Pant Nagar airport is the nearest airport
By train: Kathgodam is the nearest railway station