golu devta temple

Golu Devta, Ghorakhal

The famous Golu Devta Temple is situated at Ghorkhal, Nainital, Uttarakhand. Golu Devta (other names are Goriya, Gwale, Gawwal, Bhanarya etc.) is the most worshiped lord within the Kumoun territory of Uttarakhand.  Golu Devta is the form of Lord Shiva and better known as the “God of Justice”. The temple is famous for its unique ritual performed here that devotees make petitions to Golu Devta in form of using stamp papers as there is a famous belief that Golu Devta does justice to the devotees quickly. Devotees pray here with full faith and pride on Golu Devta and once their wish fulfils, devotees offer their gratitude by hanging bells at the temple.