naina devi temple

Naina Devi Temple, Nainital

One of the 51 shaktipeethas, Naina Devi Temple is dedicated to Godess Naina Devi which is actually the form of Devi Nanda (Devi Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva). The temple is situated at the north end of Naini Lake Nainital is named on her name only. According to the beliefs, the temple is right here even before the Nainital was found.  The temple was built in the year 1842 by Sh. Moti Ram Shah, a devotee but the same was destroyed during a landslide during the year 1880.  Again in the year 1883, locals of the area again constructed the temple.
According to the mythology, after seeing Devi Sati burnt during the Yagya organised by her father, Lord Shiva got angry and took her burnt body and travelled the earth. During his travel Devi’s body parts fell at various places on the earther. The eyes of Devi Sati fall here at this place, therefore it became one of the shaktipeethas, named as Naina Devi as naina means the eyes.
There is a huge Peepal tree inside the temple complex and within the centre  of inner sanctum of the temple, there are two eyes (naina) which represent Naina Devi is situated along with Maa Kali Devi at the left and Lord Ganesha at the right.  Naina Devi Temple is a must visit during the visit to Nainital.